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The Dhani Pay website dhanipay.in reads, 

Get complimentary shopping vouchers, movie tickets, airport lounge access, along with the highest level of safety — available only with your Dhani Pay Prepaid Account & Card. No credit checks required and accepted at over 35 lac merchants, everyone is invited to the Good Life with Dhani Pay.

However, what we received in the envelope was a welcome letter and the Dhani Pay Super Saver Prepaid Card powered by Rupay Platinum. Any sort of shopping vouchers and movie tickets ceased to exist. Our registered email ID didn't receive any coupons as well.

    About Dhani Pay Prepaid Account

    • With Dhani Pay Prepaid Account, you can make online and offline payments using the Dhani Pay Mobile App and Dhani Pay Card. Within the Dhani Pay App, you can apply for a Dhani Pay Card that will let you shop across over 3 million merchants. Dhani Pay Prepaid Account can also be used for mobile recharges, DTH top-ups, landline, electricity, and gas bill payments. You can also transfer your Prepaid Account balance to a bank account. For all your expenses, you earn instant loyalty cashback as well.

    • Dhani Pay also brings you instant and affordable loans through the Dhani loan program. So you can pay for your shopping, travel, or any other spending in easy EMIs.

    • Dhani Pay Prepaid Account and Card is a semi-closed loop prepaid payment instrument issued by TranServ. It is operated as per the prevailing RBI guidelines applicable for Prepaid Payment Instruments.

    • Do note that you cannot withdraw money from ATMs using your Dhani Pay card.

    Using Dhani Pay Prepaid Card/Account

    • First and foremost, as the name implies, it is a prepaid card and can only be used once you have loaded funds in it. After that, funds can be added through Net Banking, Debit Card, and Credit Card. While loading funds through Net Banking and Debit Card carries no charge, but you end up paying a 1% fee (subject to a minimum of Rs. 10/- and maximum of Rs.99/- per loading transaction) on loading funds through a Credit Card. However, the 1% loading fee levied on Credit Cards seems to be very nominal, and one should not feel the pinch in their pocket.

    Super Saver Cashback Program

    - The welcome letter reads,

    Your super saver membership will get you 5% cashback on everything from fuel, groceries, meals at restaurants, daily essentials, flights on hotel bookings to all type of shopping online & offline, even including your daily coffee. The 5% cashback will be over and above any special offer that you receive from different merchants or schemes.

    The above paragraph gave us an adrenaline rush, and we started exploring the cashback program. Our experience with Dhani Super Saver Prepaid Card has been number listed below. 

    1. Purchasing Fuel

    • The first transaction we made was at a Petrol Pump. We made a small transaction worth Rs 100, and we got a shocker instantly when we were charged an 11.8% surcharge on fuel. A 5% cashback amounting to Rs 5 also got credited instantly, and we ended up paying a net surcharge of 6.8%. That's huge. Totally not worth purchasing fuel with Dhani Super Saver Prepaid Card.

    UPDATE: We received the following text from Dhani intimating the refund of the surcharge of Rs 10.79. We suppose that there must have been some glitch in their system. We will perform another fuel purchase and update the information accordingly.

    2. Loading Amazon Pay Balance

    2. Buying a Flipkart Gift Card

    • Buying a Flipkart Gift Card is no different than loading your Amazon Pay Balance. However, when given a try, we could go to the final payment page and even received the OTP from Dhani, but then this happened. Refer to the screenshot below.

    3. Paying Insurance Premium

    4. Recharging a Mobile

    • Smooth AF. Paid through the Dhani App itself. Received cashback then and there.

    5. Loading funds in Paytm

    • Unsuccessful. The error message reads 'Rupay Prepaid card is not allowed for this payment. Please try paying using other cards/options.

    6. Loading funds in Payzapp Card

    • Failed. Refer to the screenshot below.

    We will keep updating the above pointers and instances as and when we attempt a transaction on a new platform.

    Maximum Cashback Threshold

    UPDATE | OCT'20: Maximum cashback per month has been reduced to Rs. 500 from Rs. 1250. criteria have been changed. Click here to know more.

    Charges/Fee Structure

    First Month

    Second Month Onwards


    INR 250 per month

    IMPORTANT UPDATE: The charges and maximum cashback criteria has been changed. Please click here to find out the latest scenario.


    This is a great Prepaid Card to hold. Suppose you are one of those whose monthly spend on shopping (Online & Offline), groceries, entertainment, utility bills, etc., aggregates to approximately Rs 25,000. In that case, you can easily save up to Rs 1,250 500 per month. Even after deducting the monthly fee of Rs 250, your net savings will stand at Rs 1000 a month. 

    However, we at ChargePlate might consider closing our Dhani Super Saver Card as we hold both Amazon Pay Credit Card for our shopping at Amazon and Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card for our shopping at Flipkart. For utility bills and mobile recharges, we use the Payzapp card and get 5% and 10% cashback, respectively. When most of our requirements are already being discounted with the help of other financial instruments, we see no point in shelling out Rs 250 every month.

    NOTE: The above bottom line was written based solely on the early offerings of Dhani Pay. As of today, this is not the scenario. Please read the latest article "Is Dhani Pay Prepaid Card worth it?", by clicking here.

    Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to drop us a line in the comment section below. Alternatively, you can also write to us at admin@chargeplate.in.

    Thanks for reading!

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