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I'm Rahmat, a Consultant since 2012, with a Biotechnology background from Istanbul, Turkey. I worked in different MNCs and IT Companies, and then after years on floors, I realized I was wasting my time. Hence, I turned down my papers to pursue my passions.

Ever since my childhood, I was a curious kid. I always loved to sail against the flow, loved to try new things as in "Not This! Why Not That?" and "Enough of This! Let's Try Something New".

Coming to the point...

I hold multiple credit cards from all the major Banks, and I keep my charge plate updated for new benefits & features. I don't remember buying an air ticket paying the full price in the last few years because I always burn my Reward Points to get one.  I love reaping benefits in the form of Cashbacks, Coupons, RPs, and Affiliate Programs and have been reaping these benefits for 8 years now and have accumulated Lacs of rupees in cashback, coupons, and rewards.

Apart from Cashbacks, Coupons, Reward Points, Credit Card Perks, I take an extreme interest in Automobiles and Numismatics. I love sharing videos on Youtube and Write blogs on topics of my interest.

My aim at ChargePlate.in is to provide unbiased and fair reviews on all categories of credit cards, exclusive deals,  vouchers, offers & perks. If you are looking for some serious savings, keep visiting ChargePlate.inThe Fin$avvy Arena...

Email - Rahmat@chargeplate.in
Twitter - @chargePlate_in
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