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To garner more credit card users into its digital framework, back in July 2020, Kotak Mahindra Bank had launched the Dream Different Credit Carda lifetime free secured credit card. The Card offers a very meager return on expenditures but still seems suitable for individuals eyeing to start their credit journey and build up their credit score. You do not need to present any income documents or have any Credit Score to avail of the card. All you need is a fixed deposit, and you can get an instant credit limit of 80% on your FD as your credit card limit.

At ChargePlate, we frequently save some funds against bank FDs, and this time we thought, why not take a card against our FD. So, here it is. The card got delivered today, and it offers:

    The Secured #DreamDifferent Credit Card offers:

    Activation Offer

    • Earn 500 bonus reward points on spending Rs. 5000 in the first 45 days of Card set up

    Reward Points

    • Earn 2 reward points against every Rs. 100/- of online spends and 1 reward point against every Rs. 100/- of other spends
    • Reward points will not be offered on fuelrailway spends and cash withdrawals.

    Milestone Benefit

    • As a milestone benefit, you can either claim a cashback of Rs 750 or 4 free PVR tickets on spending Rs. 75,000 or more annually

    Interest-Free Cash Withdrawal

    • You can withdraw cash up to 90% of your total credit limit without any interest being charged for up to 48 days; however, you will end up paying a processing fee of Rs. 300 per Rs. 10,000/- withdrawal

    Balance Transfer

    • Easy & Instant - Just call KMB's customer care to transfer your other credit card balances to your KMB #DreamDifferent Credit Card 
    • Processing fee of Rs. 349/- per Rs. 10,000/-

    DreamDifferent Shield

    • In case your Credit Card is stolen, you get a cover of Rs. 50,000/- against fraudulent usage up to 7 days pre-reporting
    • You are required to immediately call KMB's Customer Contact Centre (1860 266 2666) and get your card deactivated/blocked to prevent misuse and register a claim with the Insurance Company.

    Add-on Card

    • Your Add-on Card will have all the benefits that you enjoy on your Primary Card.
    • You can set the spending limit on your Add-on Card as you desire
    • Track spends separately for each of your Add-on Card(s)

    Fuel & Railway Surcharge Waiver 

    • 1% across all petrol pumps for transactions between Rs. 500/- and Rs. 3000/- (max. Rs. 3500/year)

    How to Get It?

    To get your DreamDifferent Credit Card, just log in to your Kotak mobile banking app and start a zero-contact application process.

    • Go to the Credit Card section in the apply now page and tap on 'Get it Now.
    • Review the benefit and features and tap on 'Proceed.'
    • Select the credit card delivery address and tap on 'Confirm.'
    • Choose the credit card limit of your card, which can be up to 80% off your fixed deposit.
    • You can choose from an existing fixed deposit or set up a new one.

    Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to drop us a line in the comment section below. Alternatively, you can also write to us at admin@chargeplate.in.

    Thanks for reading!

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