Au Revoir my Jet Airways ICICI Rubyx Amex Credit Card

On April 17th, 2019Jet Airways, often described as “too big to fail” and previously held a fleet of around 120 largely Boeing Co planes, was grounded after lenders refused it emergency funds; with it grounded the good JPMiles.

Tens of thousands of JPMiles were at stake. We were also worried about 73,000 JPMiles at our disposal. We struggled hard to accumulate these miles over the years and thought of redeeming them at once for a trip to Europe. Amsterdam was on our minds.

We panicked and looked out for any viable option wherein we can use them. Selected 12x Amazon Voucher worth 1000 INR each against 5751 JPMiles, but the website threw errors during the redemption process. We kept trying for a couple days, and finally, the order got placed when we selected 1x Voucher at a time. Placed 12 orders for 12 vouchers and that's how we burnt our 69,012 JPMiles. Sad story, huh?

Finally, after one and a half months, when we anticipated no hope on Jet's revival, we called ICICI Bank and placed a cancelation request for our Jet Airways ICICI Rubyx Credit Card.

ICICI's card retention team called us back, citing cancelation reasons, and we reverted back, stating that we can't make use of it anymore and paying an annual fee of Rs 2500 + GST doesn't seem worth it. The lady at the other end had no more questions to shoot. We were hoping she would offer us a different variant of the card or at least waive off the annual fee for the time being, but alas, she was absolutely cool letting go of a potential user off their radar. Neither did I insist on anything.

And that's how a Good Relationship Ended.
Au Revoir my Jet Airways ICICI Rubyx Amex Credit Card Au Revoir my Jet Airways ICICI Rubyx Amex Credit Card Reviewed by Rahmat on July 09, 2019 Rating: 5

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