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CRED Brand Vouchers REDEEMED | LEVI | GAP | Shopper's Stop

Just a couple of days ago I wrote an article wherein I wrote a detailed review on CRED. This article is linked to that article, so if you missed reading CRED is INCREDIBLE - It Pays You For Paying Your Own Bills | Detailed Review, I suggest you read it.

So, I had 3 vouchers left from CRED:

1. Levi's EGV worth Rs 2000
2. GAP EGV worth Rs 1000 and
3. Shopper's Stop EGV worth Rs 500

I had not redeemed them yet as the expiry date of these EGVs were of 1 year. And yesterday I was in a mall where I saw the outlets of all the aforementioned brands. I thought of redeeming them all at one shot.

Levi's EGV Redemption :

I stepped into Levi's showroom and went straight to the T-shirt section and picked up a polo tee that grabbed my attention at once. Price tagged as 2099 INR; I didn't waste a minute and hopped directly to the billing section. I asked them to redeem the EGV and paid just Rs 99 through my American Express Platinum Travels Card and happily walked out.

GAP EGV Redemption :

I knew how costly GAP is, hence I knew what can I get for Rs 1000 without wasting time. I walked towards the kids' section and picked up a really cute GAP Tee (price tagged 999 INR) for my cute little one. At the billing desk, I asked them to redeem my GAP EGV and went out with the t-shirt without paying a single penny.

Shopper's Stop EGV Redemption :

This consumed a lot of time. No! not because of the redemption process but selecting apparel for my wife (you know how choosy these ladies are). Anyway, after a proper search, I got 1 beautiful apparel costing Rs 3099, and it was selling at Rs 1499 only. I used my SS EGV worth 500 and the rest Rs 999 debited to my AMEX TPC.

That's how an excellent family shopping ended at a total cost of Rs 1098 only.
CRED Brand Vouchers REDEEMED | LEVI | GAP | Shopper's Stop CRED Brand Vouchers REDEEMED | LEVI | GAP | Shopper's Stop Reviewed by Rahmat on July 09, 2019 Rating: 5

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