Priority Pass - Membership and Benefits Explained

You might love flying but you would definitely not like the overcrowded lobby wherein you wait for post-security check-in before boarding the flight. I personally hated it. I hated it so much that I eventually started arriving at the airport in the last minute.

I remember, back in 2009 in Mumbai Airport, my name was being called upon because I had taken the boarding pass but I neither did I complete the security check nor did I go to the gate as I was combating myself from going into the waiting lobby. But things have changed now, and I reach airport 2 to 3 hours early just to relax in those comfy lounges before boarding those boring flying machines. All thanks to the Priority Pass.

What is Priory Pass, you ask?

Well, Priority Pass is a program that provides members with access to airport lounges around the world, including allowing holders to visit lounges regardless of the class of ticket they are holding. Priority is the largest network of airport lounges in the world. That being said, it obviously doesn't own the lounges but has teamed up with numerous lounges across the globe, and currently, it's a strong network of 1200+ LOUNGES WORLDWIDE.

With Priority Pass, you can simply flash the card at the reception desk and access the lounge after the receptionist has verified your Priority Pass membership.

Once entered, you are entitled to enjoy:

• Complimentary drinks, refreshments,  pre-flight bites

• Quiet, comfortable space to relax & chill

• Free Wi-Fi Access

• Free newspapers and magazines

• Access to shower facilities

Currently, Priority Pass offers three classes of yearly memberships directly from its website, that is :

- Costs 99$ Membership fee + 32$ per visit + 32$ guest visit (if any) 

• Standard Plus
- Costs 299$ + 10 free visits + 32$ guest visit (if any)

• Prestige
- Costs 429$ + Unlimited free visits + 32$ guest visit (if any)

Many premia and semi-premium Credit Cards also offers complimentary Priority Pass Membership bundled with a certain number of yearly lounge visits which I will be covering in my future articles.

Thanks for reading! 
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