Standard Chartered Landmark Rewards Credit Card Review

Back in 2016, someone from Standard Chartered Bank called us and said that they have launched this Standard Chartered Landmark Rewards Credit Card and that it's wonderful and this and that.

We showed no interest, but then the executive said those two magic words, "It's Free." These two words instantly sent across a sense of relief, and our negative approach towards the executive gradually started shifting towards a favorable consideration.

We thought, why not take the free credit leverage? And that's how the Standard Chartered Landmark Rewards Card got a space in our billfold.

    Welcome Gift

    • As a Welcome Gift, you get gift vouchers worth INR 2,800.

    Reward Points

    • 9x RPs for every Rs 200 spent at Landmark affiliated stores.
    • 1RP = 0.60 INR.
    - It's worth a good 10.8 INR on 200 spent. A Reward Rate of 5.4% on spending INR 200. We think it's great.

    • 2x RPs for all other purchases.
    - A reward rate of only 0.6% on 200. That's not satisfying, but let's not forget that it's a co-branded card.


    • 5% cashback on your grocery shopping at Spar stores.
    - 5% Cashback is capped at Rs 150 per transaction, maximum up to Rs 500 per month

    Credit Facilities

    • EMI facility, Dial a loan, Balance Transfer, and BT on EMI.
    - You need to call Standard Chartered customer support for availing of the abovementioned offers as they are subjected to offer availability on the particular card account.

    Reward Redemption

    - Ones you have at least 166 Landmark Rewards points or more in your account, you can visit any of the Landmark Group stores and redeem your points against your shopping bill value.

    Fee Structure

    • Joining Fee: Nil
    • Annual Fee: 250 INR + Applicable Taxes
    (For us, it's still free, but an annual fee of INR 250 is being charged for all new card issues)

    We mostly use this card at Lifestyle, and by now, we have redeemed enough points to get free billings at Lifestyle.

    We still have 3430 points at our disposal, which means Rs 2058 worth of free shopping at Lifestyle.

    Important UpdateStandard Chartered Landmark Rewards Credit Card has been discontinued on 29 February 2020. The said credit card will continue to be available for use till expiry, and you can redeem your accumulated Landmark Rewards Points till 28 February 2021. For customers holding Landmarks cards, it will be replaced with DigiSmart Credit Card.

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