Diwali with American Express | AMEX Diwali Sparkles 2019

A trait among many AMEX Credit Cardholders is that they tend to hold their waitable big purchases until AMEX announces its Diwali Offer; often referred to as 'AMEX Diwali Sparkle Offer.' 

Once announced, cardholders can enrol their cards and complete those significant expenses. And this wait is worth it as American Express seldom disappoints its clients with its lucrative promotions.

AMEX shot the 2019 Diwali Sparkles offer mailer to me on 4th October, and as was in 2018, this year also there's something for everyone. There are a couple of accounts specific offers crafted in accordance with the spending pattern of the credit cardholder. 
The offer details are as follows:

UPDATE: Click here for American Express' Diwali Offer for 2020.

Offer period: October 1 to November 30, 2019

    • Offer 1

    - Spend INR 50,000. Get INR 3,000 Paytm Movie Voucher
    - Reward Rate of 6%

    • Offer 2

    - Spend INR 1,50,000. Get INR 8,000 Paytm Flight Voucher
    - Reward Rate of 5.33%

    • Offer 3

    - Spend INR 2,50,000. Get INR 1,2500 Domestic Travel Hotel Stay Voucher
    - Reward Rate of 5%

    • Offer 4

    - Spend INR 4,75,000 to get INR 25,000 Domestic Travel Hotel Stay Voucher
    - Reward Rate of 5.26%

    Points to note:

    • It is mandatory for the Cardmembers to enrol for the offer

    • Transactions made on supplementary will be valid only if the supplementary card is enrolled separately
    • The voucher will be sent to the registered email address by February 29, 2020, or maximum by March 31, 2020
    • The voucher will expire after 60 days from the date of delivery of the Voucher 
    • The Voucher will have to be redeemed in full 

    I got the offer number 2, but as flight vouchers don't excite me too much; I wish it were somehow related to Tanishq vouchers. I remember buying a diamond stud for my wife against the Tanishq voucher in 2017. In 2018, I did qualify and received the flight voucher but ended up giving it to one of my cousins as the voucher was nearing its expiry date, and I had no travel plans.

    I suppose, going forward, AMEX should focus on Tanishq Vouchers as it has a unique charm that flight vouchers can never deliver.

    Which offer did you get?

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