Pay Digital, You Don’t Know if Your Cash is Infected by Coronavirus

It turns out that cash, or money as you may know it, maybe one of the most potent mediums for the Coronavirus to cling on to and spread among the community. After all, cash changes hands multiple times during any given day, and so many times in fact that it is hard to keep count. If an infected person handles a currency note in that chain, knowingly or otherwise, everyone who follows in that chain runs the risk of getting infected by Coronavirus, or COVID-19. Also, to make a cash payment, you will have to be close to another human being for the transaction to happen. At a time when social distancing is being urged and practiced by many, cash payments aren’t exactly a good idea. If you want to stay protected from the Coronavirus, that is. The Government of India is making a renewed push to urge the citizens to use digital payments during this Coronavirus pandemic, for any goods or services they procure.

The Prime Minister, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), and the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) are all pushing for the adoption of digital payments. The RBI, on March 16, announced that digital payment methods, including NEFT, IMPS, UPI and BBPS will be available round the clock, at least for the time being. Till we tide over the Coronavirus pandemic. “In the context of the efforts to limit the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic by avoiding social contact and visit public places, the public can use these modes of digital payment from the convenience of their homes through online channels like mobile banking, internet banking, cards, etc. and avoid using cash which may require going to crowded places for sending money or paying bills,” says the RBI.
In February, the Chinese authorities ordered that all the cash in the country must be disinfected using ultraviolet or heat treatment to reduce contagion risks.

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