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Ever since I published an article on CRED RentPay, Housing Rent Pay was on my mind, but I refrained from writing about it because I didn't try it myself. However, today that I tapped the Housing mobile application for paying Rent, I can provide you with my review.

Just like CRED RentPayHousing Rent Pay is a smooth and seamless process. Because I was using Housing for the first time, I tried paying Rs 12,000 for testing purposes and paying Rs 156 as charges. Yes, the charges very nominal as well. Rs 156 for 12,000 is just 1.3%, which is less than half the fee charged by players like PayZapp, Paytm, etc. In terms of charges, Housing beats CRED as well, where the latter costs a fee of 1.65%

Housing Rent Pay
1.3% Convenience Fee

The only difference that I noticed is that the funds get credited into the landlord's account instantly when the transaction is initiated via CRED. In contrast, as far as Housing is concerned, they say the funds would be credited within 2 working days, but still, you can expect it within an hour. In my case, the funds got credited in one hour nine minutes, as seen in the screenshot below. 

Housing Rent Pay

Also, note that:

• Currently, Housing Rent Pay feature is only available on the mobile application and not on the website.
• As of now, Housing does not support Amex and Diners variants of credit card
• The minimum amount of Rent should be Rs 3000 and a maximum of Rs 200000.
Housing Rent Pay

Fee-Saving Tip: Use a Credit Card with a higher reward rate. For example, HDFC Infinia will fetch you a 3.3% return. As I do not hold Infinia and would prefer direct cashback instead of recovery in the form of reward points, I used Axis Bank Flipkart Credit Card for this transaction. Doing that, I am eligible for 1.5% cashback, which is a bit more than the fee that I paid. 

You also get a couple of coupon codes from a host of brands, as seen below. 

Docsapp Lenskart
kito biryani urban company

A detailed step-by-step tutorial with an image illustration on paying your Rent via Housing can be accessed by clicking here

Download HOUSING APP Now

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Your feedback in the comments section below will be highly appreciated. Thanks for reading. 

Pay Rent using Credit Card with Housing Mobile Application | Detailed Review Pay Rent using Credit Card with Housing Mobile Application | Detailed Review Reviewed by Rahmat on June 06, 2020 Rating: 5

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