Update on Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card

Most of us who have been holding the Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card must have received an email from Axis Bank informing cardholders that the Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card is being phased out. That Axis Bank is delighted to upgrade our Buzz Credit Card to the new Axis Bank Flipkart Credit Card. I had received the said mail many times, and the latest of them was received on 16th March 2020. Refer screenshot below.
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I was confused as I already held an Axis Bank Flipkart Credit Card along with my Buzz Credit Card. I thought that as I already owned the new card variant to which Axis Bank wanted to upgrade the Buzz Credit Card; it was most likely they will cancel the Buzz Credit Card, or they might just not send me the new card with extending expiry date and my card was due to expire on May 2020.

However, today I received an SMS that read that an Axis Bank shipment is out of delivery.

Just now, I received the shipment, and it enveloped an Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card with the new expiry dates. It seems like Axis Bank is not phasing it out for cardholders like me who had both the Buzz as well as Flipkart Credit Card

Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card

I assumed that the Buzz card is yet again available for everyone to grab, so I went to Axis Bank Credit Cards inventory to find out but discovered that the Buzz card has been unlisted from their credit card catalog as of today. Previously, the Buzz card was listed, but the 'Apply' option was deactivated.

I love my Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card as it has a couple of advantages over the Axis Bank Flipkart Credit Card, and I'm happy to be able to retain it.

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