Amex Spend Based Offer | Air India & Luxe Vouchers up for Grabs

Amex Air India Offer

The heading of this article, 'Air India Vouchers up for Grabs, ' seems attractive and lucrative like most of the offers triggered by American Express, isn't it? Unfortunately, things are different this time, but we will refrain from bashing the promotion from the beginning because we have reserved the 'bottom line' part for it. So let's get into the offer details first.

    About the Offer

    • Select American Express Cardmembers who have received an Offer communication directly from American Express through any of its channels are eligible to receive an Air India voucher worth INR X on spending INR Y on their respective Amex Card, including supplementary cards.
    • X and Y represent the voucher value and the spending threshold as per the table below.
    American Express

    Offer Duration

    • This offer is valid from January 6, 2021, to February 5, 2021 (inclusive of both days)

    Offer Fulfilment

    • Vouchers will be sent to eligible Cardmembers on their registered email addresses with American Express by June 15, 2021.

    Offer Conditions

    • After they send the vouchers to the Cardmember, its validity will be 3 months for Air India and 2 months for Luxe.
    • The Voucher code once entered on the Air India website for redemption, will be considered redeemed and cannot be redeemed after that, even if the transaction/booking is not completed.
    • The Vouchers can only be redeemed against base fare.
    • If the base fare amount is lower than the Voucher value, the Voucher cannot be used for the transaction.
    • The Vouchers can also be used for bookings where dates of travel are after the voucher expiry date. However, the Vouchers can only be used to get tickets issued during the Voucher validity. 
    • The Cardmembers must enroll for the offer. However, Supplementary Card(s) need not be enrolled separately.
    • To be eligible for this offer, spend must be initiated to the Card account by February 5, 2021. If the merchant partner does not submit the initiated charge to be posted to your Card account during this period, the spend may not be eligible for this offer.
    • Click here for General Luxe Voucher T&Cs.


    Because out of the five differently categorized offers, four share a common merchant; we will only boon and bane Air India Vouchers. As far as Luxe Vouchers are concerned, the T&Cs are okay with a limitation of its validity set to 2 months only.

    The Reward Rate for both the voucher variants looks decent as well. However, we are unsure of the kind of jugglery been played with Air India's vouchers, especially the part that we have inked in bold letters above. Interestingly, the great minds who have coined these idiotic T&Cs have themselves jotted it in the BOLD notes, which is a clear indicator that deep down, they too are also aware of its peculiarity and one of its kind in nature. 

    Air India

    We might want to punch in the voucher code and then visit the loo post which we might want to continue the booking. In the meantime, the page expires, and we lose out on the voucher value. Also, one might experience a network fluctuation after the voucher code is punched into the 'SO STABLE' Air India's unsecured website and lose out on the voucher value. There can be n number of reasons. Does it make sense to you?

    American Express should not have been a part of this escamotage.

    Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to drop us a line in the comment section below. Alternatively, you can also write to us at

    Thanks for reading!

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