Partnership between Dreamfolks & Dragonpass come to an end

Dreamfolks Privilege Card

We held the complimentary Dreamfolks-DragonPass membership that came bundled with ICICI MakeMyTrip Signature Credit Card. The said Dragonpass came in partnership with Dreamfolks, a “Global Airport Services Provider” operating India's largest Lounge Access Program. 

Lately, the association between DragonPass and Dreamfolks has come to an end, and the complimentary Dreamfolks-DragonPass membership holders are being sent the new membership card that comes associated with the Dreamfolks network only. That being said, there's nothing to lose as Dreamfolks can now provide international lounge access as well. The letter from ICICI bank read,

The partnership between Dreamfolks and DragonPass, our co-brand partner for international launch and domestic spa programme has come to a close and hence, we are replacing your existing membership card with a new card. We are delighted to offer you the new ICICI Dreamfolks membership card which rewards you with the same features at no extra cost.


The letter for your reference has been attached below.

Dreamfolks-Dragonpass membership

If you have any questions, just drop your queries in the comment section below. We try to reply to all of them to the best of our capabilities. Thanks for reading! 

Partnership between Dreamfolks & Dragonpass come to an end Partnership between Dreamfolks & Dragonpass come to an end Reviewed by Rahmat on March 28, 2021 Rating: 5

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  1. Hi Rehmat, Do we need to registed/activate dreamfolks card before use?


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