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Citibank Target Spend Based Offer

Citibank has also come up with a spend bassed offer like other banks, but the reward ratio is not at par. However, if some big spends are on the way, you can avail of the below offer and snap an Amazon gift card. Details below:

    • Offer Details

    • X is the amount to be spent as communicated in the mailer communication.

    • Offer Period

    • 8th June to 7th July 2021

    • Offer Fulfilment

    • Cardmembers who qualify for the Offer will be sent an Amazon Pay Gift Card on or before 90 business days from campaign end date via email or SMS. 

    In our case, the given cumulative spend target is 50,000 INR, which would fetch us an Amazon gift voucher worth 850 INR a reward rate of just 1.7%.

    Citibank Spend Based Offer

    Do note that this offer applies to only those cardholders who have received a mail communication from Citibank

    • Offer Conditions

    • Cardmember will be eligible for the Amazon voucher only if the select Citibank credit card account is active and continues to be in good standing, and at least the minimum amount due payment continues to reach Citibank on or before the payment due date.
    • Qualifying spend will exclude all EMIs on Loan on credit card, Balance conversion, and Balance transfer programs, Dial an EMI, and Merchant EMIs. 
    • No promo code is needed to avail of the Offer.
    • This Offer is over and above the ongoing Citibank offers. 
    • Transactions on add-on cards will be considered as transactions on the primary card. Transactions on the addon card will not be separately eligible for the Offer.
    • Click here for general T&Cs.

    • CP's Take

    Not sure why Citibank came up with an offer with such devalued Reward Rate when other banks are running similar offers with a Reward Rate of at least 5%. RR of 1.7% is even lower than the inbuilt RR of several credit cards in premium and non-premium categories. 

    However, as this promotion varies from account to account, Citibank might have offered a better reward rate for those who seldom debits their Citi cards. What is the Reward Rate that you got on your Citi Card? Do let us know in the comments section below.

    Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to write to us at

    Thanks for reading!



    Reward Rate

    INR 50,000

    INR 850 Amazon EGV


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