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Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card

Dubbed as 'Smart Credit Card' is a new entry-level credit card in the market and a new addition to the Standard Chartered Bank's credit card portfolio. The card features look promising against the annual fee that the bank will levy on the card users. 

The USP of the Smart Card is its BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) feature, i.e., extended interest-free credit period of 90 days. Cardholders may opt to pay only the minimum amount due, up to three statement cycles, without paying additional interest charges to the remaining outstanding. However, the cardholder needs to pay off the total outstanding due on the fourth statement to keep the account in good standing. Details below:

    Extended Interest-Free Period

    • Enjoy an extended interest-free period of up to 90 days.
    • The Minimum Amount Due (MAD) is payable within the due date for each month to continue the interest-free period. Refer illustration below:

    Standard Chartered Smart credit card

    → Cardholders may opt to pay off only the MAD amounting to INR 500 in Month 1, INR 1000 in Month 2, and INR 1500 in Month 3. However, failing to pay off the total outstanding in month 4 amounting to INR 40000 will attract interest charges on the entire due amount (INR 40000 in this case) along with a late payment fee.

    → The interest-free period will cease to exist if MAD for any month is not paid within the due date.

    → Click here for Smart Card FAQs. 

    Cashback Program

    • 2% Cashback on online spending, capped at INR 1000 per month.
    • 1% Cashback across all other spendings, capped at INR 500 per month.
    • Cashback is not applicable on fuel and cash withdrawal transactions.

    Special Interest Rate with NIL Processing Fee

    • Convert eligible transactions into a 3 month EMI plan at a special interest rate of 0.99% per month only.
    • The processing fee is waived off against a three-month EMI plan.

    Other Standard Features

    • Free Add-on Cards.
    • EMI facility (Txn > INR 2000).
    • Balance Transfer & Balance Transfer on EMI.
    • Dial a loan.
    • 360° Rewards.

    Fee Structure

    • Annual Fee - INR 499 + Applicable Taxes.
    • Renewal Fee - INR 499 + Applicable Taxes.
    • The fee gets waived off on spending INR 120,000 in the preceding year.

    → Click here for CCTC.
    → Click here for MITC.
    → Click here for Smart Credit Card – Terms and Conditions.

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