Unveiling the Magic of Loyalty: My Stay at Wyndham, Cleveland, OH

Hey there, fellow travelers! Ever found yourself in Cleveland, Ohio, wondering where to stay? Well, let me share my experience with you - Orbit by Wyndham at Cleveland. Recently, I had the pleasure of experiencing a stay there, and I can't complain about it! Picture this: a junior suite, breakfast, and parking all bundled up for just 15,000 Points. Read on.

    The Deal

    Wyndham offered an enticing package: a junior suite, breakfast, and parking, all for 15,000 Points. Considering the $175 revenue post-taxes, the value proposition was evident. What made it even more appealing was the method of payment—I exchanged 7,500 Axis Edge Miles for 15,000 Wyndham Points, effectively doubling their worth. With a return rate of approximately INR 2 per mile, the strategic move felt like a win in the travel game.

    The Experience

    Upon entering Orbit by Wyndham, I was greeted with a warm reception and impeccable service. The junior suite exceeded expectations, featuring comfortable furnishings and modern amenities. The view from the suite was particularly striking, offering a unique perspective near the airport. Watching the planes take off and land was a mesmerizing experience for the eyes, adding an unexpected delight to the stay.

    Breakfast at Wyndham was a highlight. The menu offered a variety of options, ranging from hearty American classics to light continental fare, catering to diverse preferences. With parking included, I could explore Cleveland at my leisure, knowing my vehicle was secure.

    The Power of Points

    Loyalty points proved to be invaluable during my stay. Utilizing my Axis Bank Atlas card, I maximized the value of my Points, transforming them into a luxurious experience without exceeding my budget. The decision to swap Axis Edge Miles for Wyndham Points was a strategic one, demonstrating the importance of understanding reward programs.

    The Drawback

    Amidst the luxury, a minor hiccup arose - the suite's TVs were not smart TVs. While the two 50-inch screens were impressive, the inability to stream YouTube or Netflix was a missed opportunity for entertainment.

    Final Thoughts

    As I bid farewell to Wyndham in Cleveland, I reflected on the exceptional experience made possible by loyalty rewards. This journey exemplified how the right rewards program, coupled with strategic planning, can elevate an ordinary trip into an extraordinary adventure. Here's to the magic of loyalty and the countless adventures that lie ahead.

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    Disclosure: This review encapsulates personal experience and does not serve as an endorsement of any particular loyalty program.
    Unveiling the Magic of Loyalty: My Stay at Wyndham, Cleveland, OH Unveiling the Magic of Loyalty: My Stay at Wyndham, Cleveland, OH Reviewed by Rahmat on April 18, 2024 Rating: 5

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