Axis Bank Titanium Credit Card Review

When we switched job 5 years ago, we decided to switch our salary account as well from HDFC Bank to Axis BankAxis Bank gave us a complimentary Credit Card along with our salary account, and that's how Axis Bank Titanium Credit Card ended up in our wallet because apart from that there was no way we could ever allow this card to eat up our wallet's space.

To be blunt straight, you get nothing with this card: no welcome gift, no milestone benefits, no airport lounge access, absolutely nothing. The 'No' list will be long enough so better we tell you what you actually get with it.

* 1% fuel surcharge waiver on Transaction between 400 to 4000.
* 2 Edge Reward Points on every Rs 200 spent on the card

Well, that's it (as far as we know, if there's something we missed, please let us know in the comment section below).

The only good thing about this credit card was that it came Free without any Annual Fee. However, this card managed to stay in our wallet for 5 long years as we had to pay nothing on it and it came with a whopping 2.25 Lacs of credit limit 5 years back (that also we suppose was due to our salary).

We rarely used it once in a blue moon and then on one of our conversion with Axis Bank Support executive regarding some other issue; at the end of the conversation he asked 'Sir, your card is eligible for an upgrade, would you like to go for it?'.

And that's how 'Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card' replaced it in our wallet.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to drop us a line.

Thanks for reading!
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