ICICI Coral Credit Card Review

ICICI Coral Credit Card is one of the most popular credit cards from ICICI Bank in its gemstone category of credit cards. I personally feel ICICI Bank is lagging much behind in terms of credit card offerings when compared to other Banks but still, this card is somewhat acceptable as this would still give you some perks. I use this card since 2015 and never thought of getting it upgraded as I thought it's not worth it. Though I had the JetAirways ICICI Rubyx Credit Card, I rarely used it.

With ICICI Coral Card you can reap following benefits :

⋆ Earn 2 PAYBACK Points on every ₹ 100 spent on your card (except fuel)

⋆ Earn 1 PAYBACK Point on every ₹ 100 spent on utilities and insurance categories

⋆ Buy 1 ticket and get the other ticket free (2 free tickets per month up to ₹ 250 per ticket) on BookMyShow and INOX Movies online portal.

⋆ One complimentary domestic airport lounge access (click HERE for a complete list of lounges) and railway lounge visit per quarter (click HERE for Railway Lounge FAQ)

⋆ 1% on fuel surcharge waiver at HPCL Pumps

⋆ Save 15% on your dining bill under ICICI Bank Culinary Treats program.

Milestone Benefit: Get 2000 PAYBACK Points on spending Rs. 2,00,000 on your card and 1000 PAYBACK Points each time you cross Rs. 1,00,000 spend after that in an anniversary year; a maximum of 10,000 PAYBACK Points per year.


Rewards System - ICICI's Payback Rewards mechanism is a big turn off for me and many other cardholders. This reward system is indigent and unattractive.

Free Movie Tickets - The buy one get one free movie ticket offer is something that works out once in a blue moon. I have tried to avail it many times, but it seldom works.

Fuel Surcharge Waiver - I seriously do not have the bandwidth to search for HPCL pumps whenever I need to refuel my engines and that too an ICICI POS Machine in HPCL Pumps. A big NO-NO.

Lounge Access - This card is suitable only for airport lounge access as per my opinion. Once you access the lounge ₹25 is debited and then reversed as seen in the below screenshot. 

Milestone Benefits - 1000 payback points for ₹1 Lac spend? 1000 PB points are just ₹250. That's only 0.25%. Thanks but no thanks I don't need it.

If you have any questions, just drop your queries in the comment section. I try to reply to all of them to the best of my capabilities.

Thanks for reading!

Update: ICICI Coral Credit Card gets a makeover. Click here to view the new card.
ICICI Coral Credit Card Review ICICI Coral Credit Card Review Reviewed by Rahmat on July 09, 2019 Rating: 5

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