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At ChargePlate, we review cards and their benefits. When any of us use the word benefit; it directly synonyms to something that has done something right to us, it can be n number of things. When a benefit is expected from a card, it is mostly the monetary benefits in terms of free services, cashbacks, reward points, goodies, and instant discounts. 

Nowadays, several cards primarily focus on giant e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Flipkart. Users can reap a certain percentage of discount in form for cashback and instant discounts. However, there the times when these websites offer certain products at a throwaway price. These sudden steal deals are so cheap that you would just want to order it without thinking about any of these bank discounts. Most importantly, even if you feel to apply card offers to reap extra discounts on already discounted products; then chances are that you won't be able to complete the ordering process because such steal deal products go out of stock in just a couple of seconds.

Today at 12:30 am, I was browsing the Amazon app when I saw some great deals on speakers and headsets. I tried ordering all of them but couldn't get through the payment as the products got out stocked in seconds. However, I did manage to get my hands through some of those steal deals. 

Below are some of them for your reference:

MRP: 3990
Regular Price: 1499
Bought at: 229

MRP: 6390
Regular Price: 6390
Bought at: 960

MRP: 2490
Regular Price: 1799
Bought at: 599

MRP: 799
Regular Price: 599
Bought at: 89

MRP: 2090 
Regular Price: 1449
Bought at: 489

Considering the Regular Price, total bucks saved in less than an hour = 1270 + 5430 + 1200 + 510 + 960 = INR 9370

Thanks for reading !!!
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