Hands-on with Axis Bank Rewards Plus Debit Card

From the last couple of years, the cards market in India has become fiercely competitive. Every couple of days, we see a new Credit Card is launched with unique benefits. Some try to woo clients with reasonable reward rates, some with freebies, some with discounts, cashbacks, and the list is quite long.

Leave Credit Cards aside, nowadays, banks are even issuing Debit Cards with plentiful benefits and features. Take for example, ICICI's Coral Debit Card, it gives you perks like Airport Lounge Access, free movie tickets, etc. The point is that the DCs are steadily and slowing trying to come at par with CCs. I just received the Axis Bank Rewards Plus Debit Card, and it hosts excellent features as well.

This article is about the Rewards+ Debit Card issued by AXIS Bank. The Card offers:

eDGE Loyalty Rewards 
- 3 Reward Point for every Rs 200 spent on Dining and Shopping at apparel stores, else 1 RP
- 4 RP = 1 Rupee

Complimentary Airport Lounge Access 
- Access the airport lounge for free. One visit per quarter. Click here for the list of Airport Lounges.

◾ Get 5% discount on Movie Tickets at BookMyShow
- The maximum discount per month is capped at Rs. 200

Complimentary Insurance Benefits
- Air accident insurance cover of Rs 1,00,00,000 and personal accident cover of Rs 5,00,000. 
- Please note that the cardholder must have performed at least one POS transaction 90 days before the insured event

Dining Delights
- A minimum of 15% discount at partner restaurants. Click here for the list of restaurants.

Higher Transaction Limits
- Daily ATM withdrawal limit of Rs 50,000 and POS transaction limit of Rs 4,00,000

After going through the benefits mentioned above; it's evident that Axis Bank Rewards Plus Debit Card is indeed a power-packed card and at par with credit card benefits.

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Hands-on with Axis Bank Rewards Plus Debit Card Hands-on with Axis Bank Rewards Plus Debit Card Reviewed by Rahmat on July 27, 2019 Rating: 5

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