The Unsuccessful O2 Spa Session!

Recently, we got a complimentary DragonPass Membership with our MakeMyTrip ICICI Signature Credit Card. DragonPass Membership is loaded with many other luxurious features apart from Airport Lounge Access; one of them is a complimentary Spa session. You might want to read detailed features on Dragonpass Membership by clicking here.

Coming to the point, yesterday, at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, we have this O2 Spa listed as one of the Spa outlets wherein DragonPass members can avail of the complimentary Spa Session. DP Spa list can be accessed by clicking here, or you can refer to the list below.

We were kinda excited to avail of this free spa session. Hence, reached the airport 3 hours early to avail of the complimentary Spa session and then relax at the Premium Plaza Lounge. It was 15 past 4 AM when we completed the security check-in and headed towards the O2 Spa only to find this!

O2 Spa India

Let us zoom it for you.

O2 Spa Hyderabad

Yes, it was closed.

When enquired with the nearby outlet about its timing, we learnt that they are closed at this hour and would open at 6:00 AM. Hence, we went to the lounge to grab some snacks at 4:30 AM and checked out to board the flight scheduled at 6:25 AM. Guess what? O2 Spa was still closed.

Note that this Spa outlet is supposed to be open 24 hours as per their official website and Google listing.

Thanks for reading! 
The Unsuccessful O2 Spa Session! The Unsuccessful O2 Spa Session! Reviewed by Rahmat on August 05, 2019 Rating: 5


  1. Thanks a lot Lalitha. Its a pleasure for us to have valuable readers such as you.

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