American Express - India's Most Trusted Credit Card Brand

For the 5th time in a row, AMEX emerges as India’s most trusted credit card brand in India in 2019, according to a report released by brand analytics firm TRA Research.

TRA's reports are a result of syndicated primary research on Brand Trust and Brand Attractiveness. It generates more than 15 Million data points every year and 16,000 unique brands from over 16,000 hours of fieldwork conducted in 16 cities in India.

Well, there's no doubt that American Express provides the best service and the best rewards overall. They have fantastic perks for their cardholders over and above some unique reward programs. AMEX is again leading the credit card sector in India since the last 5 years in a row because of the outstanding services AMEX provides; some of them truly matter below :

    • Excellent Customer Support

    - American Express customer support has always been top of the line. Just call them and be amazed at how they take care of your concerns. Unlike other credit card customer care executives, they are not rude or in a hurry to disconnect the call. Instead, they are super-friendly and quite often indulge in off-topic conversation with you while they keep working on your concern.  

    • Attractive Rewards

    -Using AMEX cards, you can earn 1 Membership Rewards Point for every Rs. 50 spent. And the value of 1 Reward Point will usually be Rs. 0.25, which you can also convert in statement credit. But this is not it; there are many other benefits, like for AMEX GOLD and AMEX REWARDS Cards, one can Redeem your Points from 18 Karat (18k points = Rs 7500) and 24 Karat Gold Collection (24k points = Rs 10000), which makes 1 reward point = 0.43 INR.

    • Round the year Promotions

    - Be it summer, Diwali, or new year. They have promotions in store for you. I love the Diwali Sparkles promotion that they run during the Diwali festivity, and I have got a significant amount of Tanishq vouchers. Apart from that, they run many promotions around the year, which are easily achievable. To mention, the last offer that I availed recently was the 'Summer Bonanza offer,' wherein I got 2500 INR worth of Flipkart EGV on spending just 50K on my AMEX Card.

    • Word of Trust

    - If you are supposed to get a perk, you will get it no matter what. AMEX will never fail you, unlike banks like Axis Bank and HDFC Bank, who are not committed to their words. You might want to read promotional offers breaches by AXIS Bank and HDFC Bank by clicking the below link.

    • Superfast Resolutions

    - It’s tough to quantify the value of superfast resolution AMEX provides in monetary terms. Still, if you’ve ever dealt with their team, you get the feeling that AMEX employees genuinely care about quickly resolving your concerns – whether it be a lost card, reversing fraudulent charges, making restaurant reservations, or making an insurance claim. I’ve personally had issues with fraudulent charges on my American Express Membership Rewards credit card, and AMEX provides the most hassle-free experience.

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