The American Express Centurion Card aka 'The Black Card'

Rarest, most famous, and most exclusive Credit Card of the world, The 'American Express Centurian Credit Card,' known informally as the 'Amex Black Card.' A rectangular piece of titanium, black in color, unlimited spending limit, owned by a very few ultra-rich individuals.

You only get one by invite; you can’t apply for it.

Amex Black Card has been a wealth and celebrity marker in the West since 1999 when it was launched, and 20 years on, it's still a statement of extra power among the powerful. The privileges, as expected, are many. But, unfortunately, out of a ton of benefits, only a few are known.

    • Unlimited Credit Line 

    - You can just go on a spending spree - be it a flower or the Bugatti Veyron. The Centurian Card approves all your swipes based on their internal criteria. However, please note that the Centurion card is a charge card — not a credit card — which means you must pay your balance in full each month.

    • Tons of complimentary Elite Memberships 

    • Unlimited VIP Airport Lounges Access 

    - You just need not worry about those limited visits per quarter. With the Amex Black Card in hand, you can get the Lounge Access worldwide n number of times.

    • Exclusive Range of Travel Perks 

    You can get discounted air tickets, business class seats,  luxury villas, car rentals, etc. Upon booking business-class/first-class air tickets, users can enjoy free 'Meet and Greet' service for assistance for many things, including immigration. You can also enjoy exclusive offers at select restaurants/hotels globally, including special deals/discounts on rooms, free upgrades, etc.

     24x7 Personal Concierge Services Worldwide 

    Amex Black Card is all about perks and benefits rather than reward points. The concierge services include air ticketing assistance with complimentary offers, flight upgrades, personal shopper for luxury brands, access to star restaurants, complimentary suites and rooms at star hotels, access to global luxury shows/festivals.

    • Eligibility Criteria

    - The exact criteria to be met for getting the invite are unknown. However, if you own an American Express credit card for at least one year, spend at least 70 Lac INR a year, earn at least 7 Crores INR annually and have a high net worth, you can expect the invite.

    • Joining Fee & Annual Fee

    The AMEX Centurian, aka Black Card, comes with a one-time joining fee of Rs 2 Lac or 7 Lac as per a different source [citation required] and Rs. 2.5 Lac + Applicable taxes as an annual fee.

    The American Express Black Card is one of the most elusive and coveted travel credit cards. Besides numerous elite memberships, it also offers more premium rewards than many other credit cards. Undoubtedly, the American Express Black Card has much to offer, but the high initiation fee and the annual fee might not be worth it if you do not plan to use the Elite Memberships that it provides. Long-time American Express Centurion Black cardholders have complained that the travel benefits have been devalued in recent years as airlines have merged or switched credit card issuers. As Amex has ramped up the benefits of its other American Express credit cards to attract premium travelers, Centurion benefits have remained relatively flat and not worthy of shelling out a whopping 2.5 Lacs + GST annually.

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