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American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card | Reap Maximum Benefits

American Express

Like American Express Travels Platinum Card is considered one of India's best travel cards; likewise, American Express Membership Rewards Card is also counted amongst the best rewards credit cards in the country. If one uses it smartly, he/she can accumulate quite a decent number of Membership Reward Points, which can then be redeemed against a host of options. In this article, we will jot down the best features of this charming credit card and the effective approaches to induce maximum benefit out of it. Details below:

    ◾ Welcome Perks 

    ⤍ Welcome Gift of 4,000 Milestone Bonus Membership Rewards Points.

    ⤍ With that — 4000 MR Points — one completes 22.22% of 18 Karat Gold Collection or 16.67% of 24 Karat Gold Collection- we will expatiate it below.

    ⤍ Welcome Gift is available only in the first year on payment of the annual fee and on spending INR 2,000 within 60 days of card membership.

    ◾ Membership Reward Points

    ⤍ Earn 1 Membership Rewards Point for every Rs. 50 spent on your card.

    ⤍ Earn 1,000 Bonus Membership Rewards Points for using your card 4 times for transactions of Rs. 1,000 and above every month.

    ⤍ MR Points are not accrued for spends on Fuel, Utilities, Insurance, and Cash Transactions. 

    ◾ 18 Karat Gold Collection

    ⤍ Once you accumulate 18,000 MR Points, you can redeem them for one of the following:

    Amazon Gift Card worth Rs. 7,000

    • TAJ Voucher worth Rs. 9,000 

    • Statement Credit worth Rs. 6,000

    American Express Domestic Travel e-voucher worth Rs. 7,000

    ◾ 24 Karat Gold Collection

    ⤍ On accumulating 24,000 MR Points, you can redeem them for one of the following:

    • TAJ voucher worth Rs. 14,000

    Tanishq voucher worth Rs. 10,000

    • Statement Credit worth Rs. 9,000

    ◾ Fuel Convenience

    ⤍ 0% Convenience fee on fuel purchase at HPCL petrol pumps for transactions < Rs. 25,000 

    ⤍ 0.3% Convenience fee on fuel purchase at HPCL petrol pumps for transactions > Rs. 25,000 

    ◾ Other Services

    ⤍ 24X7 Card Related Assistance 

    ⤍ Dispute Resolution

    ⤍ Zero Lost Card Liability

    ⤍ Emergency Card Replacement, and 

    ⤍ Two Supplementary American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card at no additional cost. 

    ◾ Fee Structure

    First Year Fee: Rs. 1,000 + applicable taxes

    Second Year Onwards: Rs. 4,500 + applicable taxes

    (Mostly waived off if you have a good spending and repayment pattern)

    ◾ Smart Spending

    Suppose you spend just Rs 1,000 four times a month, you will get 1,000 bonus points.
    1000 Point Per Month × 12 Months = 12,000 Points.

    So, 12,000 points a year is your sure-shot achievement. 

    These 12K points are apart from the points earned on your regular spending. If you are an average spender, then your regular spendings on the card can easily fetch you another 2000 points yearly. 

    And then there were these 4000 points that you got as a welcome gift. So, in total you have 12,000 + 2,000 + 4,000 = 18,000 points = 18 Karat Gold Collection.

    Well, that's not all. American Express is famous for its eye-popping offers & promotions, which they frequently run. To name a few, 'Diwali Sparkles Offer,' 'Accelerated Reward Offers,' 'Cashbacks & Discounts at online/offline portals,' etc. 

    We have reaped many benefits from American Express in just a couple of months, to name a few: 

    • Availed Tanishq Vouchers and got Diamond Nose-pin for someone special. 


    • Redeemed lots of Amazon Vouchers 

    American Express

    • Availed Cashbacks at FlipkartAmazon, MMT, etc. 


    • Recently, on our way is a Flipkart EGV worth Rs 2,500 on spending just 50k INR on our AMEX Card during the Summer Sale offer. 


    We hope you enjoyed the article. In case you have any questions, just drop your queries in the comment section below. We try to reply to all of them to the best of our capabilities. 

    Thanks for reading !!!

    American Express

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