JetPrivilege is now Intermiles

Remember, April 17th, 2019? The day Jet Airways was grounded.

It created severe panic among tens of thousands of people. Thousands of people lost their job; many investors holding Jet's script; lost millions in the stock market. Many at the credit card portals were enquiring about the fate of their JetPrivilege co-branded credit and debit cards. Even we were worried about my 73,000 JPMiles. Though the JetPrivilege co-branded cards and JPMiles were a non-issue compared to the people who lost their job, the point we're trying to make is that more or less everyone who was anyhow connected to Jet Airways had something to lose.

Jet Airways also ran the good JetPrivilege program, and people could earn and redeem those JPMiles among a host of options. In addition, the JetPrivilege program also offered JPMiles when purchasing any products online among selected merchant partners when redirected through A detailed article on the JetPrivilege program can be accessed by clicking here.

Long story short, Jet Privilege Private Limited (JPPL) was a separate and independent entity. It survived even after Jet Airways collapsed but had lost its charm and became less attractive. over the years, from an airline-centric program, the JetPrivilege program had emerged as an everyday travel-and-lifestyle rewards program. And to resurrect the program's glory back to life, JPPL has revamped its business model and corporate brand. JPPL, on Thursday, announced that its program will now be known as InterMiles.

The program will offer its 10 million members the opportunity to earn and redeem InterMiles across travel, hospitality, shopping, and lifestyle services across over 10 categories and 150 program partners.

The reward store now gets auto-redirected to, and all those co-branded JetPrivilege cards have now become InterMiles co-branded cards.

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