Know What is Amex Pay and How to Get Started

A couple of days ago, we decoded the SBI Card Pay feature. The details for the same can be accessed by clicking here. Similar to SBI Card Pay, Amex Pay also is a mobile payment solution that allows users to make contactless or QR code-based payments at participating merchants using the Amex Mobile App

Cardmembers need to log in to the 'Amex IN' mobile app to register for Amex Pay. Once registered, users can make a contactless payment where all you have to do is simply unlock your device, tap your device at a merchant's contactless terminal, and look for the successful transaction message on your screen. Users can also select the 'Pay with Bharat QR' option on the app, scan the QR code, enter the amount if it is not pre-populated, enter the Card PIN for completing an ongoing transaction. There is no need to open your Amex Mobile App to make a contactless payment. 

A Secure Device Lock is required to ensure that all your mobile payments are authorized and to keep your payment credentials secure. PIN, Pattern, Password, and Fingerprint are currently the supported Secure Device Lock methods. The swipe lock is not accepted. If at any time you remove the Secure Device Lock or switch to an unsupported mode, then Amex Pay will be deactivated immediately.

As of now, only Android devices with NFC functionality and with operating system KitKat 4.4 or higher and iOS devices with iOS version one lower than the current version are compatible with Amex Pay. iOS devices do not support contactless payments through Amex Pay. For making a QR code-based payment, your device should be capable of scanning the QR code using the device camera.

You can add your eligible Card to as many as five (5) different devices at a time; provided, you agree to the End User License Agreement each time you add your Eligible Card to a device. Further, you can register up to 6 eligible Cards on your device.

Interested? Click here for a picture tutorial on How to Register for Amex Pay.

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