SBI Cards - Missed Call Service

When mobile data is dirt cheap nowadays in India, and almost we all use smartphones, then what is heck do we do with this missed call service, huh?

Well, this service is convenient when you travel; especially when you train travel, most of the time, you do not get a proper data signal, and you might want to know specific information about your SBI Card. You just give a missed call, and that's it, your job is done.

Currently, with SBI Card missed call service, you can get the following information:

  • Balance Enquiry 
  • Available Credit & Cash Limit
  • Reward Points Summary
  • Last Payment Status

The good part is that this service is absolutely free. Also that you do not need to separately register for this service. Just give a missed call with your registered mobile number with SBI Card, and the info you are seeking gets delivered in the form of an SMS.

You can get a maximum of up to 50 responses to a mobile number in a day, which I think is much more than enough.

You can feed the following numbers into your contact list.

Thanks for reading!

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