SCAM ALERT | Vital Red-Flags to Protect You Against Online Scams

Nowadays we get to see a full-fledged sales going on every second day. Online players such as Flipkart and Amazon do offer some products at some cheap-dirt prices as well. During such sales, many lucky ones can get their hands on some products at an unbelievable price. You can read some example cases by going through these articles - Steal Deal at Amazon and Flipkart's cheap marketing gimmicks.
Unfortunately, some of these highly extraordinary price tags have somewhere set up a narrative in shopper's mindset that, if lucky, they can actually get their dream products at a price that is less than a quarter of the actual cost of the said product. This particular mindset, at quite a time, plays tricks with the human mind and pushes them into a scam, making them believe that there are the lucky ones at that particular time to have grabbed a product at say 80% discount, 90% discount or even 95% discount.

I have seen many individuals who, after spotting a heavily discounted product online, take out his or her credit or debit card in no time to pay and grab the loot deal. Nowadays, you can even pay with digital wallets such as PhonePe, Payzapp, etc. making the payment transaction much faster. However, only after this lightning-quick and swift payment is completed, the buyer realizes that he or she is not a buyer but a VICTIM of the online scam.

Just recently, one of my close friends has fallen into one of such online scams, and the incident triggered me to jot down this awareness article for my fellow readers. But before I tell you about the elixir to safeguard yourself against such scams, go through the screenshots below.

Online SCAM

           Online SCAM        Online SCAM

           Online SCAM        Online SCAM

Next time when you see any such unimaginable discounted commodities, do not miss to consider the following Red-Flags:

→ The very first Red-Flag to keep into consideration is the price itself.

All companies are established for their one and only motive, which is making a profit. Hence, it is highly unlikely that they will offer you their services and commodities at a loss-incurring price.

→ There are many other Red-Flags, but without wasting your and my time, I will directly jump to the most vital Red-Flag, i.e. to "CHECK THE GODDAM URL"

If you see the above screenshot, you will notice that the URL of the deceptive website is '' and not '' Every time before clicking that 'Proceed to Pay' button, make it a habit to check the URL.

If the URL is genuine, go ahead and pay. If not, click the ⌧ button of your system's web browser or close the App/Mobile browser in case you were surfing on a smartphone.

Your feedback in the comments section below will be highly appreciated. Thanks for reading!

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