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Seldom, but we do post regarding the Steal & Flash deals that we can crack. Many a time, individuals who are fast enough to order a product online; cherishes a deal. To get further clarity on this topic, you might want to read our last article Steal Deal at Amazon. As said earlier, people do get these steal and Flash deals, but 50% chances are that human or system errors are the reason behind such price crashes. Because the shipment mechanism these days are at a speed of light, lucky ones get the product delivered even before the backend team of these eCom giants can get hold of such pricing errors.

On the contrary, Flash products can get canceled and return back to the warehouse any time before the delivery if you are not one of those lucky shoppers. Here's a recent Flash Deal at Flipkart that saved us Rs 22,196 at one shot. A Seagate 1.5 TB Expansion Drive worth Rs 5,999 bought a just Rs 450 + 25 Super coins. And we purchased 4 of them.

To share the benefit of such Flast deals, We have just created Our Telegram Channel, which, one can join by clicking here. Also, invite your friends to join in, and once we reach a certain number of members, we will start posting Steal/Loot/Flash Deals.

Telegram Channel (ChargePlate Deals) -

Flipkart Order Page Screenshot

Physical Bill (Scan Copy)

Product Picture (4 Items)

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