Unlock 300 Reward points on CitiBank WhatsApp Activation

These days, to ease the banking needs of the clients, banks are coming up with new ideas to link banking with modern technologies. For example, ICICI integrated its banking queries with voice-enabled Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant, SBI brought in Missed Call Banking, etc. Tough ICICI can be deemed as the trendsetter when banking is involved with new technology, at present most of the bank has already integrated their platform with Whatsapp. As Whatsapp currently hosts 2 billion users worldwide, it seems to be the most definite online/social platform to cover-in most of the clients/users. 

With that being said, CitiBank recently sent out a notification wherein they intimidated their clients to get connected with them through Whatsapp and get relevant updates at their fingertips. To ice the cake, they are also offering 300 Reward Points just the activate the feature.

To get this free 300 Reward Points, all you have to do is to sign up for Citi Whatsapp Service in any one of the three undermentioned procedures:

  1. Click here and signup.
  2. SMS 'START' to 70655 52484 or,
  3. Give a Missed Call to 70655 52484

Also do note that:
  • The Offer shall be valid between June 26, 2020, 00:00 Hrs, and July 15, 2020, 23:59 Hrs.
  • This Offer is valid for a select set of credit card customers who have received the invitation to avail the Offer.
  • Reward Points shall be credited within 90days from the end of the offer period.
  • All credit cards issued by CitiBank in India except Ultima cards and Corporate cards are eligible for the Offer.
  • Click here for other T&Cs.

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