A Good Change in SBI IRCTC Loyalty Program

SBI IRCTC Loyalty Program

Holding any of those SBI card's IRCTC co-branded credit cards? There's good news for you in-store today. If you have been redeeming your SBI IRCTC Loyalty Points against free tickets, you must be aware that it's mandatory for the Loyalty Member to be one of the passengers on the ticket to redeem your points. This requirement has often barred many SBI IRCTC cardholders from redeeming their points against free tickets for others, such as a family member or a friend if you were not travelling with them.

Fortunately, this restriction has become a thing of the past as IRCTC has revoked this restriction, and now Loyalty member is not mandatory as one of the passengers in the redemption ticket. That being said, you can now finally cash out your accumulated RPs or burn your points to redeem free tickets for a third person.

SBI IRCTC Loyalty Programme

A Good Change in SBI IRCTC Loyalty Program A Good Change in SBI IRCTC Loyalty Program Reviewed by Rahmat on January 01, 2022 Rating: 5

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