SBI BPCL Credit Card Review

Every now and then we see that the Petrol/Diesel price has taken a leap and we can't do anything about it, but, if we chose the right card to fuel-up; we can at least save a few bucks from pinching our pocket. Among many fuel orientated cards available in the market today, SBI BPCL Credit Card is one of them and currently one of the best, if you fuel-up at Bharat Petroleum Petrol Stations.

Recently we had reviewed our IndianOil Citi Platinum Credit Card and highlighted the drawbacks that it carries. Most importantly, its RP reaping criteria that are so twisted that we finally gave up using that card. However, as far as SBI BPCL Card is concerned, it doesn't carry any complications along with it. You just spot a BPCL pump, fuel-up and pay with your SBI BPCL Card.

    The card offers:

    Welcome Gift

    - 2,000 Activation Bonus Reward Points worth Rs 500 on payment of joining fee

    - 1 RP = 0.25 INR. Basically, you are getting back the joining fee

    Reward Benefits

    - 13X Reward Points on fuel purchases at BPCL petrol pumps

    - That's 4.25 % Value back as13X Reward Points is equivalent to 3.25% + 1% Fuel surcharge waiver 

    - Applicable on transaction of up to Rs 4,000 at any BPCL petrol pump across the country

    - Maximum surcharge waiver of Rs. 100 in a month; that aggregates to Annual Savings of Rs 1200

    Accelerated Rewards

    - 5X Reward Points on every Rs 100 spent at Groceries, Departmental stores, Movies & Dining

    - 5X Reward Points per Rs. 100 spent on standing instructions of Utility Bills payments

    - 1 Reward Point for every Rs. 100 spent on non-fuel retail purchases

    Flexible Redemption 

    Redeem your points at select 1200 BPCL petrol pumps

    - You can also redeem your RPs at SBI Card’s Reward Point Program - Shop n Smile for exclusive products and instant gift cards

    Fee Structure

    Joining Fee: 499 + Applicable taxes
    Annual Fee: 499 + Applicable taxes

    Apart from variant-specific features, holding an SBI Card is a pleasure and peace of mind in itself.
    All SBI Cards share some common benefits such as Balance Transfer, Balance Transfer on EMI, Flexipay and Encash facilities, and you can depend on it. SBI will only show you the offers that you are eligible for.

    For instance, if you wish to avail the BT on EMI facility, SBI will show you the eligible BT amount beforehand and once booked, you can rest assured that the said BT will go through. That may be the case with most of the other banks as well, but such facilities in SBI Cards are top-notch in terms of convenience. Take, for example, the BT that we availed with our ICICI card just a couple of days ago. 

    The request was accepted, and after 5 working days, the BT request was rejected even when the availed BT amount was much lesser than the available credit limit on our ICICI credit card.

    The due date on the receiver credit card was just a day away and we had a hard time to manage funds in only one day to avoid the financial charges.

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