IndianOil Citi Platinum Credit Card

We aren't sure if there are people who fuel-up their machines at specific petrol pumps such as BPCL, HPCL or IndianOil. But if there are or if somebody wishes to reap some rewards on fueling and doesn't care to look around for an 'Indian Oil' petrol pump; this card is for them.

As said earlier, in our earlier articles on Citibank Cashback Credit Card and Citibank Rewards Credit Card that when it comes to Citi-cards, you do not have much of an option to chose cards as Citibank's Credit Card inventory is very limited. Here's another card from Citibank that has its focus on fuel transactions. And that is 'IndianOil Citi Platinum Credit Card.'

The card in question offers a 2.67% value back when you fuel-up at an Indian Oil petrol pump in terms of Reward Points or let's call it Turbo Points, as Citibank likes us to refer it to; for a reason currently unknown to us.

The card offers:

    • Turbo Points

    - 4 Turbo Points on every Rs 150 spent on fuel at Indian Oil Pumps. Maximum of 267 TPs per transaction 
    - Applicable only if the fuel transaction is made on a Citibank EDC
    - 2 Turbo Points on Rs 150 spent at grocery and supermarkets. Maximum of 67 TPs per month
    - 1 Turbo Point on Rs.150 spent elsewhere like Shopping, Dining and more
    - 1 TP = Rs 1 worth of fuel

     1% Fuel Surcharge Waiver

     Easy TP Redemption 

    - You can redeem your TP from a range of redeeming options including fuel, holidays, air miles, cash back, and online shopping
    - Please note that TP value differs among different redemption options 

     Personal Concierge Services

    - Concierge service can help you with planning a party, sending flowers, making dining reservations, provide travel assistance. You can simply call at 1800-114-999 to avail this service 

     EMI Privilege

    - You can convert transactions above Rs 2000 into easy EMIs

    • Dining Privileges

    - Up to 15% savings across participating restaurants

    • Annual fee

    - Rs 1000 + Applicable Taxes
    (Waived off if yearly spends exceed Rs 1 Lac)

    • Bottomline

    To be honest, this card is an elementary credit card and has nothing much to offer. It is beneficial only if you purchase fuel at Indian Oil outlets. The other features mentioned above are just passable. Almost all credit cards offer such features, nothing special.

    Please note that fuelling up with this card is also a headache as it's kind of a complicated process. The transaction must be made on a Citibank EDC. I tried using this card for fuel, but it is not always possible to transact on Citibank EDC only. As you know, the petrol pump guys are mostly busy due to the line of vehicles waiting in the queue. In that scenario, if you bring in such criteria, then you automatically invite the ire of the petrol pump attendants as well as the people waiting in the queue. The same applies when you try to redeem your points against fuel as mostly those attendants are unaware of TP redemption process against fuel. They need to call in their managers, which is a time-consuming process. Again you can see people waiting behind in the queue getting irritated and giving you an angry look. 

    Before setting up such complicated criteria; Citibank should have analyzed that pumps are not a place of leisure and that people at pumps are those people who just halted to fuel up so that they can continue their journey to the office, or to the hospital, or to XYZ. There can be n number of scenarios.

    After facing such issues, we decided not to use this card anymore and started using our SBI BPCL Credit Card for fuel requirement, which is very convenient to use without such weird criteria.

    Thanks for reading!

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