AmEx Membership Rewards Card | Parameter for Monthly Rewards & Welcome Gift Changed

American Express Membership Rewards Card

Days after American Express made structural changes to the redemption options for Travels Platinum Credit CardAmerican Express has taken Membership Rewards Credit Card into its radar and shot an email to all their MRCC holders about the changes that will be brought into effect from 1st April 2021.

Earlier, the changes enacted for Travels Platinum Credit Card were welcomed by many for a couple of feature add-ons, but a significant number of cardmembers vented out their dissatisfaction as well. In the below article, we outlay the 'going to be' changes and their pros & cons against your MRCC. Read on.

    What Precisely Has Changed?

    Basically, Amex has made three changes. Two out of these three changes are related to the Monthly Bonus Reward Points, and one relates to the Welcome Gift of 4,000 Membership Rewards points. Explained below.

    Monthly Bonus (Reward Points)

    →   The parameter for Monthly Bonus Reward Points has changed. 
    • Currently, on charging your Membership Rewards Card 4 times for Rs 1,000 and above, you get 1,000 Bonus RPs, but,
    • Beginning 1st April 2021, you will have to charge your Card 4 times for Rs 1,500 and above to get the same 1,000 Bonus RPs.

    →   The potential for an additional 1,000 Membership Rewards has been added.
    • You can now earn an additional 1,000 Membership Rewards Points upon spending Rs 20,000 in a calendar month.
    • For the additional 1,000 MR Points, you need to complete the one-time enrolment, which can be done by clicking here.

    Welcome Gift (Reward Points)

    →   The spend threshold for Welcome Membership Reward Points has been increased.
    • Presently, one gets the 4000 MR Points as Welcome Gift on spending just Rs 2,000 within 60 days of Cardmembership, but,
    • Beginning 1st April 2021, you will get the same 4000 Welcome MR Points on spending Rs 15,000 in the first 90 days of your Cardmembership.

    CP's Take

    The changes as illustrated above will be welcomed by those who spend at least Rs 20,000 on their MRCC. They just got an additional 12,000 MR Points per year which is as good as Rs 7,000 if the Taj Voucher in the 24 Karat Gold Collection is taken into account. 

    The change will also benefit those cardmembers who get charged with an annual fee on their MRCC. Now they can reap additional rewards while they complete at least 1.5L spends on their card to get the annual fee waived off.

    On the contrary, cardmembers like us, who hold MRCC as a companion card and diligently load their digital wallets every month for Rs 4,000 — quadfurcated to 4 transactions of Rs 1,000 each, are on the losing side. For us, the reward percentage has come down from 0.25 to 0.167.

    Which faction are you on? The winning or the losing side?

    Feedbacks are appreciated. Thanks for reading!

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