Amex Offer | Get e-Vouchers for buying e-Vouchers + Accelerated Reward Points

Amex Reward Multiplier

Shop for e-Vouchers using your American Express card via Rewards Multiplier portal and get select e-Vouchers, additional earn accelerated RPs depending on the variant of your American Express card. Details below:

    About the Offer

    • Get up to 10X RPs (depending on your card variant) on buying e-Vouchers via Rewards Multiplier portal and additionally get select e-Vouchers as below:
               - E-Voucher worth INR 250 on shopping for INR 5000. RR 5%.
               - E-Voucher worth INR 1000 on shopping for INR 15000. RR 6.7%.
               - E-Voucher worth INR 2500 on shopping for INR 30000. RR 8.3%.

    • The additional e-Vouchers can be chosen from the below brands:
    Amex evoucher offer

    Offer Duration

    • The offer is valid from 21st December 2021 to 26th December 2021 (both days included).

    Fulfillment Timeline

    • On or before 28th February 2022

    Additional Stipulations

    • The spending of INR 5,000, INR 15,000, and INR 30,000 can be done across multiple transactions in the offer period and across different Vouchers brands / Voucher categories on Reward Multiplier; the Cardmember doesn't need to spend towards the mentioned thresholds in a single transaction or for a single Voucher brand.

    • Additional Vouchers and bonus Membership Rewards Points would only be eligible for transactions made through the e-Voucher destination on Reward Multiplier. Spends towards Vouchers purchased directly from merchants' websites would not qualify for this offer.

    • Depending on the spend thresholds achieved, Cardmembers would get only one voucher worth either INR 2,500 or INR 1,000 or INR 250.

    • Ensure that you are not using incognito or private browsing mode.

    Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to drop us a line in the comment section below. Alternatively, you can also write to us at

    Thanks for reading!

    Amex Offer | Get e-Vouchers for buying e-Vouchers + Accelerated Reward Points Amex Offer | Get e-Vouchers for buying e-Vouchers + Accelerated Reward Points Reviewed by Rahmat on December 21, 2021 Rating: 5

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